What is WAGYU?


Japanese Black
Japanese Brown
Japanese Shorthorn
Japanese Polled

Wagyu is a brand of traditional Japanese beef that has become famous across the world for its melting tenderness and juicy savoriness.
Japanese Wagyu refers to four breeds of Japanese cattle: Japanese Black (the iconic breed of Wagyu beef which accounts for over 90% of Japanese Wagyu production), Japanese Brown, Japanese Shorthorn, and Japanese Polled.Hybrids of these four breeds are also referred to as Wagyu. The four breeds are grown all over Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south.
The top producer of beef cattle is Hokkaido, known for its great nature and abundance of Wagyu brands.


How to enjoy WAGYU?

You can enjoy Wagyu in many ways: Yakiniku (Japanese style barbeque), steak, roast beef, and more.Wagyu has a unique taste, flavor and marbling, 
so please enjoy with all your senses. Furthermore, Wagyu tastes well with not only wine but also Japanese Sake.
Try it out and experience the remarkable world of Japanese cuisine.


Traceability & Sustainability

Japan has a strict traceability and certification system for Wagyu to clearly differentiate from other beef brands and maintain the highest quality. 
Japanese Wagyu farmers are making efforts to contribute to sustainability, such as using feed which decreases methane gas. Furthermore, farmers rebreed the cattle to improve meat quality. They also sell the meat of cows after giving birth as lower quality beef.

Author: Yuko Watanabe, Kazuma Anagata
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