Japanese Wagyu, Hamachi and Alcoholic Beverages

Free for everyone!

Participants will be able to taste some of Japan’s most traditional and representative products, including Wagyu, a product of superior quality.

The promotion will be held with the aim of promoting typical Japanese food in the tourism sector of Quintana Roo.

This event will be organized by the Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro), and the Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO), in coordination with the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies (AMAV).




 During this event, customers at each restaurant will be able taste Wagyu beef with the supreme classification A5 or Hamachi, also known as “Japanese Amberjack,” along with traditional Japanese alcoholic beverages such as Sake.

*The number of free plates distributed at each restaurant are limited. Don´t forget to come early, before they run out!

Author:Reina Sakamoto, Kazuma Angata